Abigail Page has a large collection of vintage finds, including a wide array of vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories. We also sell a variety of antique house wares and other decorative items. Below you’ll find a sampling of the items in our store (the following list is not inclusive of everything at the store, our inventory changes daily.)

  • Vintage, mid-century and retro jewelry, clothing and decor items such as mirrors, books, pictures, dishes, children’s toys and clothing, home accessories and renewed/refurbished furniture.
  • Primitive and rustic house wares and furniture.
  • Antiques for all tastes.
  • Vintage seasonal items.


According to local historian, Willis Miller, Abigail Page was born on April 15, 1847 when the first steamboat docked in Hudson along the St. Croix River. At the time, Hudson was known as the Willowriver Territory of Wisconsin. Abigail was the first settler’s child to be born in Hudson. Abigail Bailey was her married name and she had six children. Only one remained in Hudson as a mail carrier and Spanish/American War Veteran.

In 1930 Abigail left Hudson to live with her daughter in California; before she left Mr. Miller’s mother purchased an original spool bed from her (Mr. Miller eventually had the bed restored and donated it to the local Octagon House and Museum.) Abigail died at her daughter’s home on November 14, 1945. She was 98 years old.

The Page family farm was located on 80 acres in the place where Hudson High School is now located–about two miles from the historic Taylor and Gross building that now houses Abigail Page Antiques. The building has been home to many businesses – including two grocery stores, a hardware and clothing store, children’s clothing and several others.