Abigail Page Antiques is a great place to start or expand your antique business. We are always looking for new dealers to join us.

If you are interested in become a dealer at Abigail Page Antiques, please call the store at (715) 381-1505 and leave your contact information with the clerk. Alternatively you can reach the store manager, Mary Jo Nelson at (715) 425-9842. You may also call the store phone on Tuesdays and ask for Mary Jo.

Dealer Costs

  • Security deposit – one month’s rent.
  • Rent – calculated at $1.85 per sq. ft. (main level) and $1.50 per sq. ft. (lower level.) (Note: When figuring your booth’s square footage, 12” of the aisles bordering your booth are figured in the rent.)
  • Monthly advertising fee – $15. This will be automatically taken from your store check each month.
  • 6% commission fee on all sales. This will be automatically taken from your store check each month.
  • Dealers are required to work a certain amount of time each month. Exact time requirement is determined by the size of your booth. For example, if you rent a 10’ x 10’ booth, you would be required to work 3 days per month. If you opt not to work, there is an additional charge ($30 for each day). You may also make arrangements with another dealer to work on your behalf and compensate them accordingly.
  • Front window rental – cost is $20 for one month. This is optional and is additional space aside from your booth (ask about the procedure.)


The following is a list of dealers at Abigail Page Antiques (names are listed with dealer consent).

Claudette Dietrich

Claudette Dietrich

  • Kuhn, Kathy
  • Mae, Dona
  • Nelson, Mary Jo
  • Penn, Eden
  • Stow, Julie
Lillie Bueckers

Lillie Bueckers

  • Timm, Ken
  • VanDerveer, Robyn
  • Weiser, Linda
  • Wren, Laura
  • Bessler, Brian
  • Coleman, John and Barbara
  • Dear-Leopold, Roseanna
  • Ellwood, Jane and Dave
  • Herrington, Liz and Tim Olson